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Wayne Trapp

Press Release
In a man's soul there exists a thirst for all that is beauty and for that which brings rapture. For celebrated artist Wayne Trapp, beauty and rapture are inherent primal needs and life itself is an elevated art form.

Here is a man who lives within the timbers he's raised, walks upon the planks he's laid, and gazes outward toward the plants he's seeded. This essential drive to spawn has led to a lifetime of contemplating, coaxing, and creating a multitude of sculptures. And as if stone and steel weren't enough to satisfy, brush and canvas just might.

The year 2004 has been a prolific one for Trapp, with monumental sculpture installations completed in Florida, Ohio, Charlotte, and Atlanta, and one man shows spanning the year along with ongoing representation at six notable galleries across the Southeast. In this collection, Trapp will present recent works in stone and metal created simultaneously with abstractions on canvas. Pedestal pieces in marble, bronze and alabaster reflect the incongruous feat of a chisel creating soft curves and gentle undulations.

Trapp's oils nearly dance off the canvas in bold, primary colors. Depth and texture are created as the artist applies brushwork in layer upon layer, scraping with a palette knife to reveal underlying hues. Overall figuration turns into visual messages that seem to beat rapidly in primitive song.