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Scott Summerfield

"I create a variety of blown glass works ranging from functional home décor to abstract sculptures. My intent with both bodies of work is to beautify one’s space. My process involves hand blown parts, which are later cut, ground, polished and assembled. Although my larger works are titled as recognizable familiar objects, such as bottles or teapots, they are purely sculptural forms. The intention is not for a bottle to function as a vessel, rather to stimulate the viewer through its movement, color, fluidity, and grace.

I visualize and sketch my sculptures as individual parts, later to be transformed into formal objects. Working with glass in this manner is not a traditional approach to the medium. It allows me to create the slick lines and polished look that I strive for. A delicate balance of beauty and tension are what makes this work unique and curious. I have worked in this format instinctively since the beginning of my glass experience. In my first class I was cutting up vases and bowls and creating nontraditional objects. It just felt right.

My environments, past and current, often seep into my work subconsciously. Growing up on the Southeast coast of North Carolina, it has been natural to abstract from coastal life of the sea. My past series of work consisted of birds and insects, which was a direct response to my upbringing on the coast. In my most current body of work, the “inside out series” I continue to create formal objects that parallel themes from my previous works. These pieces are intended to beautify a space with their bold striking colors, lines, and stature." 
                                 -Scott Summerfield