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Prentice Hicks

Nestled in the community of Wauhatchie, TN, named for the Cherokee Chief, (pronounced WAW-hatchee) is the home of glass artist and Tennessee native, Prentice Hicks.  A graduate of McCallie School and Tulane University, Hicks studied glass as an elective during his senior year at Tulane, but did not begin to actively work the medium until some ten years later.  Prior to working as a full time glass artist, he served as a merchant seaman and carpenter.  His carpentry skills were utilized in the construction of his studio which he built with fellow woodworkers and artists.  The studio site has two weather streams running by it so as to eliminate outside noise while working, thus creating a natural environment with which to work and create organically.

Noted for its unusual shapes and vibrant colors, Hicks' glass is formed with traditional glassblowing tools and techniques up to the opening of the cup.  At that point, he utilizes the heat of the flame, gravity, and centrifugal force to achieve his desired results.  He loves creating loose and fluid characteristics that he believes reflect the properties of the glass itself. The resulting glassware is, in his words, “easy to hold, attractive to use and friendly to the touch”!