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Prentice Hicks

Prentice Hicks lives and works in Southeast Tennessee. He built his post and beam home and studio with fellow woodworkers and artists. The site has  two wet weather streams running by it to quiet outside noise while working. Wauhatchie  was a Cherokee Chief who  the local train stop, then village, is named for. Though not known by Prentice when utilizing Wauhatchie in the business name, Wauhatchie Glass was his full name. 

     Prentice works with assistants most times but keeps the process of bit and punty work alone, preferring that to usual teamwork. Unique to Prentice's method of working glass is that he seldom uses tools when forming the cup of his stemware. He works with heat, centrifugal force and gravity to achieve the desired results. He likes to say the finished work is "functional art".