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Paul Hartley
(1944 - 2009)

Paul Hartley, who was born in Charlotte, did his undergraduate work at the University of North Texas in Denton, Tx. Hartley then returned to his native North Carolina to finish a Masters in Fine Art at ECU in 1970.

Hartley came back to ECU only five years later to become a painting professor for over thirty years. He was also the head of painting in ECU's Art Department, but retired to focus on his painting.

Hartley was well known for his profound understanding of art history and deep interest in twentieth-century film and popular culture. With his signature blend of acrylic and oil painting, Hartley's work invites a sense of melancholy to the viewer. It is often characterized by abstractly painted backgrounds that feature meticulously rendered foreground objects that appear to be adhered to the two-dimensional canvas.