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Margo Balcerek

My painting comes as a result of fascination with landscapes and plants.  "As a painter, I never wanted to reproduce my subjects as I see them but rather as I “feel” them.  Enjoying the journey from impressionism to pure abstraction, I treasure each and every point on the way.  With color as my main object of interest, I explore, trying to pinpoint the mood, the essence, the soul of what I paint rather then how is looks - my own personal view of the world.  I want my painting to be bright, vividly colored objects upon which the eye can truly feast and want them unmistakably mine."

Margo was born in Warsaw, Poland. She always had an interest in art and garden design.  Landscape Architecture seemed a perfect combination of those two interests.  Margo moved to the US in the early eighties and earned her degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University.  After graduation she worked for many years for the Horticultural department.  At the time, she developed her interests in design and art by painting floral, landscape and abstract compositions using oils as her favorite medium.  About 2001, Margo was noticed by one of North Carolina's galleries and her career as a professional artist took off.  From then, Margo progressed to exhibit in several premier galleries including the most prestigious and oldest gallery in Atlanta - The Lagerquist Gallery.  Margo constantly develops new approaches, color schemes and styles.  At present, Margo’s works decorate interiors of banks, high-class hotels, company offices and houses of art collectors all around the country.

She lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a member of the Visual Art Exchange, where she participates in juried exhibitions.