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Kate Worm

Kate Worm holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from Columbia University Teachers College, with minors in visual arts.  She studied figure painting for four years with renowned painter and educator Andrew Martin at UNC-G.  Kate paints landscape and still life with oil, but uses watercolor and gouache for figure work.  Kate’s approach with both media is a radical departure from traditional painting because she uses printmaking rollers, syringes, and eyedroppers to apply the paint.

Kate’s figure paintings were featured in American Artist Watercolor Magazine Summer 2006 and she has been presenting workshops throughout the country since that time. She is a Signature Member of the NWS and WSNC and had the honor of 1st place in the Watercolor Society of North Carolina 2010 Annual Exhibition.   In addition to maintaining a studio Kate works part-time as an educator and member of the Acquisitions Committee at the Hickory Museum of Art where she has worked for 12 years.