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Kate Long Stevenson

A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, artist Kate Stevenson began her painting career while a student at the University of the South. Passionate about music, history, English and the arts, she nurtured each interest through intensive study and travel. Kate studied abroad in both China and Italy before graduating with honors in 2003 with a degree in studio art.

Kate's work is most noted for its large range of representation, style and subject matter. She always paints with oils, though varies her media by adding ink, charcoal, and spray paint to the mix. Her influences and inspiration run the gamut as well�Willem de Kooning, Chuck Close, Kim English and John Singer Sargent are but a few of her favorite artists. What seems to link each of her paintings, and not at all on purpose, is her loyalty to a soft palette. Powdery blues and sea glass greens are almost always the central hue in the canvas. No matter the subject, she establishes a soothing quality in her art.

When you look at a Kate Stevenson painting, you want to linger. The typical works are vivid but subtle, exuberant but sly. She has a gift for mystery and quiet drama. Many of her figures are captured through a mist, surprised and happy. Her abstract paintings are puzzles one wants to study and never solve. She creates mood with brilliant, surprising color choices. In form, she is a master of physical grace, tension and power.