Tree, Early Spring Fog
Mountain Sunset
House at Dusk, Corona
Man in Orange Trunks II
Six Acre Parcel Looking East, Late Afternoon with Telephone Poles
Six Acre Parcel Looking East, White Clouds, Late Afternoon
Chatwood Building and Sky
Chatwood Tree with Camellias
Chatwood Trees on Hillside
Chatwood Morning
Moon, Tree and Camellia
Colonial Inn, Winter Day
Country Park, Grey Day
Alamance County
Twilight Mountain Lake
Yellow Wild Flowers
Cows Mid-Day
Maine Lake at Dusk
Cloudy Study with Treetop
Field in Summer, Maine
Trent River
White Clouds, Trees and Field
Field Study
Red Camellia, Chatwood Mist
Poppies in a Vase, Cortona
Coffee Cup, Vase with Leaves, Chatwood
Chatwood Camellia at Twilight
Tulip Poplar and Trees
Tulip Poplar, Grey Sky
Chatwood, Six Acre Parcel, Trees & Leaves
Tree and Guest House, Leaves Falling
Autumn Trees, Chatwood
Six Acre Parcel, Grey Day Trees and Leaves
Poppies, Bramasole
Chatwood Camelia
Grandfather Mountain # 8
Grandfather Mountain # 11
Study for Winter, Ayr Mount
Studio Wall, Winter Light
Blackwood Farm, Twilight #2
Blackwood Farm, Twilight #1
Camellia Leaves
Hilltop Pine Trees, Late Morning, Cortona
Lavendar and Rosemary, Grey Day Cortona Late Winter
Chatwood Field, Winter Afternoon
Cortona Still Life #3
Shave Brush, Studio
Paper Cup, Studio
Six Acre Parcel Looking East, Summer Dawn
Six Acre Parcel Looking West, Summer Twilight
Six Acre Parcel Looking East, Late Morning
Grandfather Mountain, Clear Morning
Cortona Clouds, Late Afternoon
Alamance County
Grandfather Mountain, Pink Clouds #2
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