Ellen Kong "Morning at the Window" 15x15x2
Kristin Gibson "Owl in Branches" 8x10
Nancy Tuttle May "Cloud Shadows" 40x40
Mike Dorsey "A Covey of Laughter" 40x30
Marjorie Rawson Stone and Metal Jewelry
Susan Hong Sammons "Creative Steel" 18x24
Amy Dixon "With Gratitude No. " 36x36
John Gaitenby "Two Barns in a Field" 30x40
Colleen Black Semelka "Tea Bowl" Ceramic
Jordan Parah "Mysterious Clouds" Steel
Richard Garrison "My Address in the Cosmos" 30x40
Sally Sutton "Sight by Light" 12x12
Louis St Lewis "Domesticity" 26x20
Ellen Hathaway "Golden Vortex" 24x30
Richard Fennell "Sunset" 20x30
Hanna Jubran "Time Zone" Bronze
Vicky Smith "Up the Bank" 18x52
Joyce Stratton "Risen Moon" 20x20
Jose Jimenez "Mysterious Evening" 32x48
Jeff Kiefer "On the Steep Bank" 5x5x13
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