Colleen Black-Semelka "Poetry Platter"
Peter Butler "Five in the Field"
Mike Dorsey "Glimpse"
Richard Fennell "Sharecropper Kid"
John Gaitenby "House and Barn"
Kristin Gibson "The Blue Plate"
David Harlan "Hard Work"
Ellen Hathaway "Colors of Time"
Susan Hong-Sammons "The Highlander"
Hanna Jubran "Celestial Motion"
Jeff Kiefer "Marvin and Me"
Louis St. Lewis "Color of Iris III"
Nancy Tuttle May "October Light"
Bob Rankin "Whimsical Applewhite"
Joyce Stratton "Sharecropper Kids"
Sally Sutton "Days Gone By"
Kate Worm "A Quick Look of Color"
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