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Jack Saylor

North Carolina native Jack Saylor has long had a love affair with the sea.  Having spent most of his 20s in Spain and Italy, Saylor was gifted with the opportunity to study what had so deeply inspired him to be an artist, the richly detailed works of the Italian Renaissance and Dutch 17th Century as well as living beneath the spectacular light of the Mediterranean sun.  Instilled with the rich sensibilities of European light and beauty, Saylor longed for home: "I noticed that I began to yearn for something that was more honest to me; my own personal heritage, my own history.  I needed to artistically connect with something that would allow me to express, almost seep from my pores onto the canvas, something that was me, my culture."

He returned to NC and relocated to the historic coastal town of Beaufort where he began searching for new ways of seeing, of painting.  He turned to oils, metalpoint, and the beauty that lies within the details.  The essence of what the sea symbolizes, its effect on surrounding areas and people's almost otherworldly attraction to it encompasses far more than what meets the eye.  "As an artist, I try to express myself as clearly as I can while simultaneously taking myself out of the work and making way for whatever will emerge.  I'm showing my collectors a perspective that they may not have paid attention to before."