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Ellen Hathaway

Daughter. Wife. Mother. Artist. Born with a desire to make art. I can create and love because the Divine loved me into being. Making art makes me feel alive. 

The picture plane is open space where the “guest can find one’s own soul.”

At different times both the artist and viewer are guests. 

For me my paintings are sensuous explorations of the ambiguous edge between word and essence. Taking me to places of inner reflection and outward expression, prayers of aliveness are expressed by the act of making art.

Collaborations of my artistic decisions intuitive and formal feel afflux, dynamic and transformative. Imagery resonant of nature often dissolves into expressionism, becoming more about the paint. I am intrigued with acrylic media’s expansive essence ~layering, building texture, or pushing color ~ and creating an effect that is both generous and unexpected.

I invite your contemplation.