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David Nance

David Nance received his education from the School of Design at North Carolina State University. His paintings have been represented at many Juried shows, taking home many awards. Whether in his studio or painting on location, David creates landscapes with expressive brushstrokes and layers of color that give his work a spontaneous feel. Influenced by Impressionism and Chinese brush painting, Nance tries to look past the obvious to see what is felt rather than seen.

"Art is not a separate thing in my life, everything I see is through eyes that work on painting possibilities.  How would I go about capturing it? How could I see that differently?  The fact that I can be moved by art has always fascinated me; the way I can be drawn into more than what I am seeing.  It is like when a piece of music takes me to another time or place.  When I am painting I am inspired by the quality of light; how it defines and sculpts the subject.  I use oil paints to give me control over hard and soft edges because there is a little more blending time with oils.  There is also a luminous quality that responds well to chasing the light.  Over time I have developed a vocabulary of brushwork to describe what I see and express feeling in my work.  I like using familiar subjects and paint them in a way that leaves something to the imagination."

David goes on to say, "I paint for the love of painting and when others respond to my work I have shared this compassion. I think the secret to anyone's energy is doing what you love; something you lose yourself in."