Cotton, 1950 after Eudora Welty
Red Canoe
Before the Wedding
Violet Ground Haze
Fall Marsh
Sea Before Sunrise
The Eating Pan
Light Hole
Over Hill Church
Quartet Singing
Twins at Sea
Big Cedar, Little Cedar
Shopkeeper, after Welty photograph
Going Home (after Eudora Welty)
Tree Fog
Red Canoe Study
White Hull
Fir Triplets
The Cart Path
5 AM Maine Coast
Wild Apple, Early Spring
Island Beach, Blue Clouds
Sunset Fades II
Then Sunset Fades
Morning Trees, Kanab
Red Bucket, Red Chair, Blueberries
Illumination from Within
Dock and Sky
Man in Bus Station
Spotty and Man
Flower Celebration
John's Boat (after John Rosenthal)
Wild Garden I
Sister Boats, Taylor's Creek
Man in the Road
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