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Cheryl Williams

Williams became interested in creating artwork in 1975 through an introduction to clay. Today her art is available in a variety of mediums which include; abstract paintings, metal, and clay. Williams was born in California, and now resides in Ashland, Oregon.


The White House – Washington, DC Ritz Carlton- Presidential Suite

Racine Art Museum, WIKaiser Permanente- Los Angeles

MCI Telecommunications Kaiser Permanente- Houston, TX

Sallie May Foundation"Castle" Show season 6/Episode 9

Swissotel, Atlanta, GACover for 2015 Edition of the Journal

NBC Corp.of Computational Neuroscience

ABC Corp.Hospital of Connecticut Cancer Center

CBS Corp. 

Ritz Carlton- Presidential Suite

Kaiser Permanente- Los Angeles

Kaiser Permanente- Houston,

"Castle" Show season 6/Episode 9

Cover for 2015 Edition of the Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Hospital of Connecticut Cancer Center


Johannesburg Grand Hyatt, South Africa
Takeshiba Intercontinental, Tokyo Bay
First Lady of Russia; Mrs. Yeltsin
First Lady of Ukraine; Mrs. Kuchma
First Lady of France; Mrs. Chirac
President of the Philippines; Fidel Ramos
Ambassador of Bogotá, Columbia
Four Seasons, Hong Kong


2014    Karyn Gabaldon Gallery-Durango, CO
2013    Hanson Howard Gallery-Ashland, OR
2012    Illahe Gallery- Ashland, OR
2012    Karyn Gaboldon Fine Arts-Durango, CO    M.A. Doran Gallery-Tulsa, OK
2011    Illahe Gallery – Ashland, OR
2010    Illahe Gallery – Ashland, OR
2006    A Horse Of A Different Color Gallery – Jackson Hole, WY
2003    Freed Gallery – Lincoln City, OR
2003    Edgewood Orchard Galleries – Fish Crook, WI
2001    ERL Originals Gallery – Winston Salem, NC
2001    White Lotus Gallery – Eugene, OR
1998    Freehand Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
1998    Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR
1995    Maclaren Markowitz Gallery – Boulder, CO
1993    Freehand Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
1992    Elizabeth Fortner Gallery – Santa Barbara, CA


2012    We Make Art - Book
2007    The Artful Home Book  
1999    Bon Appetit Magazine
1998    Southwest Magazine
1995    American Style Magazine
1995    House Beautiful Magazine
1995    American Style Magazine
1995    Washington Post Newspaper
1995    White House Collection of American Craft (Book)  
1995    Chicago Tribune Newspaper
1995    Smithsonian Magazine
1991    Ceramics Monthly Magazine
1990    Matter Magazine


1980-1982    College of San Francisco
1976-1977    San Francisco Art Institute