Served Cold
Urban Remix
Strong Minded Fools
He Won Again
If I Can Dream
A Failure to Articulate
In the Long Rows
Ocean Eyes
Listen Up People
Half Full
Lost in a Cloud
When the Moneys Gone
Half Shell Full Shell
Among the Stars I
Lessons in Humility
Beach Run
Strong Winds of Promise
Always Say It Wrong
Mother’s Little Helper
Among the Stars II
The Golden Calf
Barn Burnin'
Tiny Dancers IV
The Conversation Killer
Thicket Lump
The Legal Barr
Got One on, Hoss!
Open Mouth Season
No Quarter
More than Scribbles
Light Southwest
 High Resin Acrylic on Canvas
River Path
 High Resin Acrylic on Canvas
What'll You Have
 High Resin Acrylic on Canvas
Shell Hunters
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