Tony Breuer "Beauty and the Beast"
Tony Breuer "Look Out"
Brie Castell from the series "Oneself"
Brie Castell from the series "Oneself"
Wes Crawley Estate Graphite Drawing
Wes Crawley Estate Pastel Drawing
Linda Darty "The More the Sun Shines I"
Linda Darty "The More the Sun Shines II"
Michael Dorsey "Damaged Hair Treatment"
Michael Dorsey "Mid April Beauty Salon"
Scott Eagle "Postmodern"
Scott Eagle "Theology"
Robert Ebendorf Charm Bracelet
Robert Ebendorf Earrings
Kiki Farish "Catherine"
Kiki Farish "Mary"
Richard Fennell "Grassy Creek Landscape with House"
Richard Fennell "Katie"
Jane Harrison "Round 3 Three"
Jane Harrison "Round 9 Nine"
Paul Hartley "A Flower Wrapped"
Paul Hartley "Piero Space III"
Mark Horton "Light Showers"
Mark Horton "Returning Tide "
Mi-Sook Hur Sprout Box
Mi-Sook Hur Sprout Box
Victoria Josephson "Boating at Catalina"
Victoria Josephson "Southport"
Hanna Jubran Tower II
Hanna Jubran Composition IV
Michael Knoch "Bright April"
Michael Knoch "Faint Rain"
Tim Lazure Chest
Tim Lazure Coffee Table
Gil Leebrick "Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde"
Gil Leebrick "Kiva, Pecos Ruin, NM"
Jackie Leebrick "Russian Icons"
Jackie Leebrick "Ocean Dreams"
Gayle Stott Lowry "One Last Look"
Gayle Stott Lowry "The Way In, The Way Out"
Antonio Martinez "Carhenge"
Antonio Martinez "Garden of Alliance"
Sharon Massey Disc Pendants
Sharon Massey Sentiment Pendant and Temple Bell Earrings
Zach Newkirk "Beach Chair III"
Zach Newkirk "Beach Chair II"
Kathryn Osgood Gold Pendant with Pearls Sterling, 23k gold leaf, pearls
Kathryn Osgood Pierced Silver Pendant Sterling and fine silver
Bob Rankin Italian Orchard Abstraction
Bob Rankin "Venetian Marsh"
Casey Scharling "Sunlit Plaza"
Casey Scharling "The Candy Shop"
Jim Southerland "New View"
Jim Southerland "Ode to DS"
Catherine Walker "Untitled #4"
Catherine Walker "Untitled #2"
Dina Wilde-Ramsing Passage Bowl
Dina Wilde-Ramsing Bull with Pet
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