Who Let the Dogs Out
Hilda Spain-Owen
January, 2007

Hilda Spain-Owen

Hilda Spain is a "self-directed" artist. Although, she has had some formal training, she arrived at her style early on working toward what pleased her contemporary taste. When she began painting her whippets, she grasped the importance of painting what you love. It was through the painting of these small, graceful sighthounds that the exploration of line, color and texture showcased her talent. 
Although her subjects are primarily whippets and other sighthounds, her following is not comprised in large part of sighthound owners. From the start of her career, it was apparent that the appeal of her art went beyond the boundaries of the subject. Her work has been shown in several galleries in the southeast and her work is in collections across the United States. 
Spain works to support sighthound rescue groups by donating original works for auction. Through her donations, rescue groups in Florida and North Carolina have raised thousands of dollars to help with adoption and medical costs associated with sighthound rescue. 
Spain's art is primarily single-subject driven work, animal or human. It is about bold sizes, bright colors, and unique texture. The canvas size is chosen so the subject fills as much of it as possible. This reinforces the attention on the subject and leaves the background abstract further pushing the subject forward. Contrast, and therefore interest, is again enhanced by keeping the lines of the subject drawing realistic while choosing colors that are impressionistic. Further impressionistic characteristics come from the texture achieved by using a palette knife and layering the paint. The result gives you the feeling that the painting changes as you near it. You are tempted to reach out and touch it. 
Spain's art works well in all venues, traditional to contemporary.